About Hangzhou Lifan Cable Co.,LTD

Founded in 1996 and headquartered in LinAn, HangZhou, China, Hangzhou Lifan Cable Co.,LTD is among all over China's leading supplier of cable and wire products for applications in various environments including government, railway constructions, automotive, home theatre, industrial, office, networking and others.

Operated by a highly experienced team of seasoned executives, production experts and Internet marketing professionals in various disciplines, we have expended our market to Mid-East, Europe, Southeast Asia and areas in America to serve individuals, government institutions and corporations of all sizes, alike.

Why choose Hangzhou Lifan Cable?

  • Selection – Hundreds of cable&wire related products to choose from, all available from our factory. 

  • Easy contacting – Quick-responsed, secure and convenient inquiring experience either by e-mail or by call.

  • Productivity and Execution – Fast shipping for receipt within 10 work days ( for normal orders) .

  • Customer Service – Customers can call or email us anytime or may book a factory tour in China for a long and successful cooperation.

  • Reputation – With numbers of satisfied customers worldwide, we have developed a solid reputation as a trusted and reliable cable supplier.

  • Your Satisfaction Guaranteed – Quality of our products is defined as conformance to your requirements by 100%.

Our Cables and Wires ...

  • Durable – Long life operation which means normally it can be used more than 20 years.

  • Environmental Friendly – Production process in full compliance with the requirements of environmental protection meeting with RoHS standard.

  • Safe – Product safety ensured by advanced management measures, professional inspectors and skilled workers.



WEB: www.hz-lf.com 

E-MAIL: hzlf@hz-lf.com

ADD: NO.81 Qianshan, Linglong Town, Lin An City, Zhejiang Province, China.